Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hi everyone,
I have been babysitting a lot lately and I get tired of doing the same old things with the kids, so I was wondering if any of you had ideas of things I could do with them, such as indoor games, crafts etc...  please comment if you have ANY suggestions.


  1. Depending on their ages, you could try to make duct tape wallets. other ideas: photo shoots, (for girls, of course you'd need permission) nail painting, hair doing, putting strips of fabric on headband/flip flops.
    Hope those help! I would give you things I do, but I can't babysit till I'm 13, (next year! eep!)

  2. For little kids, around ages 3 to 5 or 6:
    These kids are usually easy to please. I have lots of cousins these ages. They love the slightest things. I usually give them piggy backs, chase them around, or play simple games like duck duck goose, tag, and hide and seek. With my little girl cousins, we play dress up, house, restaurant, and we even pretend that my cousin is a cat or dog and I'm her owner. They even love just coloring! My cousin begs me to draw cats, rabbits, horses, and dogs!
    My little boy cousins are more...rough. we play with their toy guns, play with balls, play with trucks, run around, chase them, try things that would tire them out!
    I've only actually baby sit once. One was I think 6, the other around 9. With the six year old I gave her air plane rides. I don't remember what else though. The nine year old amused himself with his wii games. :)
    I can't wait to babysit some more! I'm turning thirteen very soon and I think I might get to do it again soon!
    You can also find really cool games to play with them in babysitter handbooks! Check some out of the library! See if they have the 'American Girl: The Babysitters Handbook'. I checked it out of our library and I found some really helpfull tips!
    Hope this helps!

  3. MAN! long comment! That better help! ;)

  4. Niece of mine, you should check out some mommy blogs. They have lots of fun ideas for kids and if you find the right ones it is usually stuff that is already in the house.
    This is a good blog to try:
    If you take a few minutes you will find some great ideas for kids.

    Also here is a post from my blog that my kids love to do..

    Autumn is going to post today about a cool idea also you could try.

    Love you Emily..have a great week.

  5. @ Scezzle: YES THAT HELPED SO MUCH! thank you! I checked out some of those books!

    @ Iris: thank you GREAT IDEAS I might have to try the duck tape wallet :)

    @ Becky Schneider :) thank you So much I will DEFINITELY check out those blogs! I LOVE YOU TOO!!! Have an AMAZING WEEK and thank you again :)