Tuesday, September 27, 2011

National Treasure 1

Amazing movie. Period.

Ben gates played by nicolas cage. I thought he did a great job on his part!

Diane Kruger as Abigale Chase. She was really good!

 Plus, she had an amazing dress!

And my Favorite Riley Poole played by Justin Bartha. He was just hilarious!

I had trouble not liking the main bad guy when he has hair like that. Common' admit it it's pretty awesome!

Monday, September 26, 2011


I was wondering If anyone would be able to do a header tutorial or just explain how to make a multiple picture header and just a plain word header? what website would you use to make one of those? If you guys would be able to help me out that would be fabulous! Thanks so much!
PS make sure to check out my previous post ( I just posted it).

Narina quotes.

(On what interested him most about the character of Prince Caspian) Well I think, the reason I like the character is because he's sort of an everyman. It's sort of a coming of age story, really. It's from boy to man and prince to king, kind of story.- Ben Barnes quote

"We just enjoy everything so much. We just tried to relish each moment that we have together as a family and as individuals. The experience we`ve been given is, without question, the greatest experience of our life. It`s just appreciating those things."- quote by william Moseley

"It`s gone more quickly than I expected; the time has really flown past. It`s a bit like a long and lovely dream, and now I`m ready to wake up." (on the experience of filming the Chronicles of Narnia)- anna popplewell

I prefer my character over all the others. I really think I have the best character. Of course, he`s a lot like me. He is the tyrant of the family, which I am, and, yep, he succumbs to temptation very easily. Edmund is the black sheep of the family, always teasing Lucy. But, in the end, Narnia makes him good. He goes through the most radical change, starts to appreciate his family. The adventure really changes him into a better person.- quote by skandar keynes

“I guess the biggest challenge for me was trying to represent Eustace as he is in the book. Everyone has a vision of what he looks like. I messed that up before I stepped on set, because he has dark hair. I was just very nervous about that.”

They're almost like long lost friends, and there's no point in having long lost friends if you don't go into tea with them.
~ Georgie Henley Quote

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Black Hills Vacation

The car ride on the way there....yeah...we were bored. ;)

 we stopped at this really cool candy store on the way there!It was like a huge barn!

fields on the way to the place we were camping. It was called Custer Sate Park


Animals we saw throughout the week...

these cute little guys. Now one of my favorite animals!

We went to this place where you could get a bag of peanuts for 50 cents to feed the prairie dogs with. They were so tame they ended up having there little snack on our laps! Some of them needed to go on a diet though. These ones were pretty chubby. This should be a warning to you all "don't sit around in your prairie dog wholes eating peanuts all day!"

The "prairie dog whisperer"

In the ended i actually picked a particularly fat one on to my lap and he just ate there, and then looked up at me with those adorable eyes and waited for another peanut.
How could you ever resist a face like that?!?

These were my favorite animals the whole trip! ;)
I fell in love with the burrows! They were just plain adorable! I wanted to take one back home with me!

Doesn't that little face make you want to give him a big hug!?!

We had trouble getting out of there! We would drive a way and 5 or 6 of them would run after us wanting more food!

just like little baby eor in winnie the pooh!

these were some kind of sheep.

and of course...ducks.

Buffalo.....not so cute. Very interesting though!

I think these were called pronghorns of something. To be honest I thought they were kinda creepy. They looked like they were laughing at you!!

Don't fall that would be kinda a downer.....literaly.

Around the camp fire. I don't know why it is but guys have this odd obsession with fire....

My cute little bro.

as Joe calls it "The Ultimate Picture!"


Mt Rushmore!