Friday, March 4, 2011

half up half down (hairstyle easy)

Half up half down hairstyle

(easy) medium hard

Most of you already know how to do this hairstyle it is very simple but it still looks cute. I know I look weird in the pictures but it's hard to take picture of yourself and I was tired of trying to get a good picture I finlay just gave up so sorry about that!


1. (optional) shampoo your hair and towel dry
2. add hair product (optional but recommended)

3. take the top part of your hair from about one temple to the other (you can do less if you want to See picture below)

4: take a hair binder/clip/ bobby pins and secure the top layer in the end it should turn out like this



 I know that these hairstyles are VERY easy so if you would like a more difficult hairstyle please let me know I was not sure if you guys wanted me to do easy medium or hard. please comment so I will know for my next hairstyle


  1. Your hair is such a lovely red! Gorgeous! God bless~

  2. I was just about to say the same thing as was said in the previous comment! You are VERY popular "Lauren"!

    See you soon!



    Did you see the picture on my blog of you and "Nikki" :) with your Dad?