Saturday, July 30, 2011

A no name post filled with coolness!

HI people,
Sorry it's been forever since my last post. I have been very busy riding. My sister and I are going to show our horses in the County Fair, so we have been riding like mad. Anyways I'm not sure if you guys knew this but my mom is Expecting! I think she is half way through her pregnancy. I am SO EXCITED. I am the baby lover of the family (and my mom of course). I'm not sure if I will let my mom hold the baby ;) We already know the gender of the baby, but...we are not sharing (sorry guys, and don't you dare try to get it out of me ;). Today my mom and I went Yard Sailing and we found so REALLY cute stuff. We got like 15 little outfits plus a couple sleepers and pairs of socks for only 25$ AND it was is really good condition! I loved helping pick out those adorable little outfits ( finally I have someone to shop for, I just love shopping!) And if you have a little brother or sister you would know how expensive baby clothes can be! We are very thankful to have found all that stuff! I wish I could post pictures of the cute stuff we got today but that would give away the gender. :( but believe me when I say that they are adorable!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Featured follower" Ashley

Here is my "Featured Follower" Ashley! (sorry i couldn't get one of the pictures on but i did my best)

My name is Ashley..yeah don't share the last name online of course. I am 17 years-old and let's just say that I don't have enough room in one post to tell you all about me, my family, and stuff I enjoy, SO...I'll do my best!
I am the eldest of 5 children all of which have been homeschooled from the beginning. I look forward to graduating in the Spring of 2012! I can barely wait to have my party and just be done w school. I am sure you are wanting to ask what plans I have after highschool (college wise that is). Here's the deal: I have no desire to go to college because what I am interested in I do not need college nor do I have the desire to spend a fortune; although I am aware of scholarships. My dream since I was a little girl is to be a wife and mother and everything I think about and ideas I come up with revolve around that.
I am VERY outgoing and spunky, I tell people what they want to hear and will accommodate to anyone at anytime no matter how much I loathe them. ;-) I very rarely get worked up about things and sometimes my mind wanders and I get distracted. I am a daydreamer and NOT a multi-tasker....and you ask how I will make it as a mother...well I am counting on my easy/outgoingness and honestly my husband being super smart. LOL. I am a huge dreamer and sometimes forget about reality. I am girly-girl tomboy and everything else...well just about everything.

My dad, well let's just say he's amazing, he has worked so hard to go from working at a fast food w 3 kids to honestly taking really good care of us. He is unselfish and easy going though he has the capability of taking charge. Want to be let in on a little secret? My dad is 6' and purely muscle, he is bald and wear boots almost all the time and people (mainly young men) are terrified of him, but really he's just a big teddy bear but I let them think that. haha

 Mom: WOW!!! Yep that's it just WOW!!!

My Brothers:
Bubba (15), Nicki (14), Jonny (12) they are awesome and I can't ask for anything more. They are the coolest and have and will be my best friends forever. I love hangin out with them. I choose too, it's something that is important to me, they DO NOT embarrass me...well they might be disappointed to hear that so maybe a little bit.

Bubba is very quiet and easy going. He will do anything go anywhere. He's sweet and and chivalrous, and yet he's so strong and will stand up for what's right. He's a very conservative dresser and is always the same. He is a very competitive baseball player and definitely has a future in that.

 Nicki is very outgoing like me and has become quite the little "social butterfly". He's a charmer and all the girls are in love with him. He's smart beyond imagination and talented in everything he does. Him and I are the most alike. He is also the one that will be edgy with dressing and try new things

 Jonny is also talented in everything he does and a charmer. Every girl that has met him has planned their future with him...LOL. Seriously. He's a sweety and rarely unhappy. He's a ballplayer like Bubba and will always be a darling.

Laura: My little sister...well more like the perfect and beautiful little princess everyone wishes they were! She's sooo sweet and so cheerful all the time unless she's sick that it will drive a person in sane! JK. She so grown up and mature and it comes so naturally. I think she will be a supermodel or a dances because she is beautiful, tall, and very skinny. She's a sweety and sharing a bedroom with her I ought to know.

Now for a few things I enjoy:
1, definitely music, I play violin, piano, fiddle, guitar, and I sing.

  2, Arts and crafts, I hand embroider, sew, knit, cross stitch, scrapbook, make cards, and photography.

  3, I am a huge fashion and beauty make-up designer! I could do it for hours. I help girls I don't even know at the mall get ready for really special occasions. they completely trust my opinion. It's so much fun and I could do something like that for the rest of my life.

 4, I work/intern for a florist in town for my job.

 5, People!! I love people, short, tall, thin wide! They excite me and I love them all.

6, I love the country/cowboys and riding horses!!!! I am a huge Cowgirl

 Well okay then, I think that about sums it up for my family and I. Although it might wear you out come stop by my blog sometime and let me know what you think! or

Thank you so much sounds like you have a REALLY sweet family!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A cool story about a cool horse

Yesterday my neighbor invited my sister and I to go to Canterbury race track to pickup a horse that he bought. On the way there he told us the story about this horse. She is a 5 year old Thoroughbred (sorry I don't have a picture) Named Brook She used to race up until a couple months ago. She had an accident. This is what happened. She was in third place behind 2 other horses. Both of the horses tripped and fell right in front of Brook (BOTH of the horses died, one broke it's shoulder the other broke it's leg and had to be put down) She tried to jump over the fallen horses and almost made it, but one of the horses that had fallen kicked with it's leg and hit Brook on her back leg. She Finished the race in first even though she was injured. She had a huge gash on the back leg. They rushed her to the vet, but the vet accidentaly gave her the wrong medicine. She had some sort of reaction and they thought for sure she was goin got die, but she made it through and is still alive, but she just isn't the same horse anymore when she races, it might be a fear issue or just that the accident took a lot out of her, they don't know. So my nieghbor decided to buy her (he has a horse that races at Canterbury) So we went and pciked her up. Everybody loved brook. They all said she was the sweetest horse in the barn. Right now she is just getting used to her new home.
This is a picture of the shoes she wore (the ferrier took them off and gave one of them to my sister and one to me, they are aluminum and have lots of grip)

"Featured follower" (Ashley)

This weeks "Feature follower" is Ashely from her blog.

The rules:
1. write a summery of you, your family, favorite author, things you enjoy doing etc...

2. You may add pictures (please do! everyone loves pictures right?!)

3. Post it on your blog and I will transfer it to my blog (good old copy and paste ;)

4. Please try to have it posted within two days of this post (if possible, if not then I understand.)

5. If you do not want to be the "Featured Follower" then drop me a comment right away so I can choose someone else.

Have fun!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fashion post

I don't know what I'm doing there. Kinda weird.I look ridicules,sorry about that.

Purse: Gift

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Embarrassing,Enjoyable (no longer Awkward, Awesome)


1. not being able to water ski until this year.

2. Having to cut yourself out of a picture because your hair was so bad.


1. Being able to pick fruit from your back yard.

2. Owl city (I LOVE owl city!)

3.My new shirt that I got from a yard sale.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Things to do when your bored.

1. Call a friend
2. Read good book
3. Draw
4. Write a letter.

I know, I know mine are pretty lame. Please try to think up things a little more creative than what I did :)


1. Post a comment with 4 things you love to do when your bored

2. They have to be different from mine (and if someone commented above you, you can't use those ideas)

3. you can do more than 4 if you want.

4. Make it the same format as mine.

Ps. How do you like my new header?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

bored sad and stuck inside...

What do you do when your sad and bored?? I got back from vacation a couple days ago and it's pretty sad. It may partly be because I'm bored. It's so hot out nobody wants to go outside, so we are kinda stuck inside. What do you do when your sad bored and stuck inside? Is there anything you like to do that makes you relax and be un bored? (I'm really at a loss for words). For example sit in the pool with a good book and a glass of lemonade (of course i don't have a pool, but you get the picture) any ideas?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ipod touch

Hi peeps,
So i REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to get a 4th generation ipod touch. I am looking on amazon and stuff (I wouldn't mind if it was used) I'm just wondering if you knew the benefits of getting a 4th generation over a 3rd. I saw this one on "Craigs list" that was 100$ for a 4th generation ipod still in the box. I e-mailed and asked if he still had it but he said he sold it already (it was put out only like 2 days before) So I missed it. That was kinda a bummer.


I just got back from an AMAZING vacation! We just go up to a cabin for a week with some of our friends. Relaxing and just plain fun! This year i learned how to water ski. I have never been able to I have tried a couple other times and failed. This time i made it!

Here is a pic of me skiing, yes i realize I look really bad! I Didn't think i would be able to do it so when I did I was very surprised (as you can see by the pic)

We had a really good time! I will try to post more pictures soon!

Friday, July 15, 2011

more dream rooms!

LOVE this one the bedspread is awesome!




Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Prayer oppertunity

Are you struggling with something that you don't need to be struggling with? Give it to God. After you pray it is no longer your burden. If you need prayer please don't hesitate to Drop a comment i will be happy to pray for you.
God loves you and I do too. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tag your it :)

1.Whats your dream job?

2.Whats your favorite summer activity?

3.Whats your favorite name(s)?

4. What is your typical day like? you love about each season?

6.What is a typical day outfit?

7.Whats your favorite book of the bible?

8.Whats your favorite thing about blogger?

9. What is your favorite background site?

So i tag
sierra @
Alistair of Woodland

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hi People,
So do any of you have any book suggestions. I have been looking for some "good reads" lately. Any suggestions. I have just finished "The giver" by Lois lowry. I like those kinda books, weird and awesome. :) Also i have just started reading "Artemis Fowl" eoin colfer. I have heard it's good but so far i'm not sure if i Love it. Whats are some of your favorite books?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A pretty good day *sigh*

As you can see from the pics we had a pretty good day

We ate

                                                                            we ate

                                                                   we ate more :)

                                                               We....wore blue flipflops? ;)

                                                                            we swam

 It was a pretty good day i'd say. Besides the fact that i got HORRIBLE sun burn. The worst part about it is I just got it on the front of my legs. There is a distinct line were the sun burn meets the pasty while...*sigh* oh well. Live and learn.
Have a great day!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not working out.

This whole "Fashion Friday" hasn't been working out for me. lol. So were just going to forget about it. I will do fashion posts occasionally but not on a scheduled time every week anyways here is a fashion post.

Shirt: Idk
Shorts: Khols
Earings: Khols

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What makes you laugh?

When your little water hating dog jumps into the pool and comes out looking more like an over sized rat! :)

When your with your sister in the pool attempting to sing "Baby" by Justin Beiber while under water then coming up laughing hysterically (don't worry i don't have Beiber fever........yet ;)

When you make cookies and they turn out more like....well i don't really know what you would call them... :D

When you and your friend have a water fight in with the water from her horses water trough!

What makes you laugh :)
Live Laugh Love :)