Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things I love

I Love...

Horses! ( and have worked with them for 3 or more years)

Babies! So cute!


Flowers (lilocs are my favorite)


Fashion scarves ( i have like 10!)

Colored jeans ( i have been wanting to get some for a long time)

The color Blue!


Owl City

What do you love?
Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Umbrella Girl

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!!! here is her amazing blog!

Here goes it, and I hope you enjoy this little blab about Lucia.

I was born on August 15th, 1995, to missionary parents and a small northwestern town; the second eldest in an eventual family of six. I currently have two sisters: Olivia (18) and Anne (10), and one brother: Mark (13). My mom homeschools all of us, and I have learned in the home since kindergarten.

^This little girl right here

writer who is attempting her first novel,
Pinned Image

avid reader who has read every book in her home and nearly every book in her friends' homes,
Pinned Image

photographer saving for a camera and in the meantime practicing with a point-and-shoot,
Pinned Image

pianist of eight years who plays for her church and local homeschool choir,
Pinned Image

runner who is a part of a highschool cross country team,

^ Yes, that is actually me..:P

pen-paller who writes 15+ ladies and wrote a 50+ page letter this year to someone special, ;)
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horse girl who wishes she knew more,
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singer who doesn't claim fame but is humming all the time,
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blogger of nearly two years, ;)
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blog designer with a new business,

lover of babies and all children in general,
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believer in waiting for one man and one romance, yet
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...not waiting for that one romance to make me happy. :]


And just as a side note, I am:

one who has read Darwin's Origin of Species just for experiance
who understands evolution as well as creation
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..and still believes in the One True God, Creator of the Universe
who dies for us on the cross
who is seated at the right hand of God this very moment
and who will return for us, if we have not already left this earth, with a trumpet sound on a day not very far away.
(1 Corinthians 15:52)

Yep. All packed into this little girl right here.

..and that, my friends, is only scratching the surface. :]

Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fashion friday/Sister photo shoot

Hi everyone! I am so sorry it has been so long since I last posted! I have been really busy (you know how that goes.) but I did find time to do a Fashion Friday/Sister photo shoot. So here you go!

 Tank Top: (jc penny) Bracklet: (Khols?) Top: (Thrift) Belt (Khols I think) jeans (Jc penny again I am not Possitive!)

Sister photo shoot

 Both of are personalaties are exagerated in these pictures, I am more of a city girl than she is but deep down inside I'm still a country girl.

 I seriously have no idea what we are doing in this picture!

Laughing weirdly

Looking weird

Friday, October 21, 2011

Contest winners! Come and see!

Hi All! So My sister was the judge for this contest, she judged it on creativity, good photography etc.... Before I say anything else I just wanted to thank you all for competing! It took a long time for us to choose winners they were all so close! Keep up the good photography! Without further 1st place is.........

Beth! Here is her wonderful picture! thank you so much! we chose this picture because it is so unique and we loved the lighting!


In 2nd place.......

Anne Therese! Amazing picture! Great job! The picture is not blurry in the least!

In 3rd.......

Eve! thank you so much! Love the angle!


Here are the rest of the amazing photos!!! (these are not in a specific order) the exclamation points look like L's but there not :)

I wish I could have chosen everyone! It took us a good 15 mins to decide! Thank you all for entering you did a great job!!!!!!

Note to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners: there are certificate banners at the foot of my blog (I wasn't able to get them on to this post) So if you would like to you can copy and paste your certificate onto your blog! :)


Thursday, October 20, 2011


    Here Is the "featured Follower" Post from Rose! Thanks so much for getting it to me quickly!

  Well, to start, I have an amazing family. I'm sandwiched into the middle between my two older sisters and two younger brothers. Our family has home schooled for as long as I can remember. In many ways I am very glad mom does teach us at home. We got breaks off for birthdays, first day of snow (tradition in the household), and of course time off for us to go off on amazing adventures. I have visited Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Maine, New York, and many other places on our family trips. However, the main reason my family, and most of all my parents, are so great is because they taught me about God and what Christ did for me on the cross.

How can I pick an author? I really love Tolkien, Lewis and Spencer. They all have written some really fantastic stuff.

Things I enjoy doing: Reading for one. It's what I do in my spare time. It's what I do in time that isn't spare. (Which isn't such a great thing really) I like a lot of different genres. I loved reading through Beowulf and parts of the Faerie Queen, as well as Little Dorrit and the Count of Monte Cristo.

I also like to write, sing, play the piano, talk to friends, drink tea, write letters, take pictures, meditate on theology, read my Bible and spend time with family. I think that about sums it up.
Thank you so much for taking time to do this Rose!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Featured Follower (Rose)

This weeks "featured Follower" is Rose!!! Here is her amazing blog!  I would be very happy if you excepted!

1. write a summery of you, your family, favorite author, things you enjoy doing etc...

2. You may add pictures (please do! everyone loves pictures right?!)

3. Post it on your blog and I will transfer it to my blog (good old copy and paste ;)

4. Please try to have it posted within two days of this post (if possible, if not then I understand.)

5. If you do not want to be the "Featured Follower" then drop me a comment right away so I can choose someone else.
6. Also if you have already been my "featured Follower" ( I loose track after a while) Then let me know so I don't choose you twice.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

can't wait!

Book Blogger
Cx2 the Artist

That makes 7! This is going to be a great contest! Can't wait! If I missed anybody make sure to let me know!

P.S I am hoping to get a "Fashion Friday" and a "featured Follower" Post out this week!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

3 so far.

 3 photo contest entries so far! Thank you so much guys! Keep em comin! :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photo Contest

Sorry i haven't been posting very much! I have been using my ipod a lot (as you probably know). I LOVE it, but thats not what I am here to tell you about. I just wanted to reminde you about my "Nature Photo Contest" find my info Here The deadline is the 21st! Please enter!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Exciting News!

I am now a proud owner of one of these!

Ipod touch 4th generation
I got one tonight and I am really excited! It is amazing!!! Of course I just HAD to choose a I chose Mandy.

From your very excited blogger friend,

Photo contest (nature)

Hey Everyone!
So I was thinking about doing a nature photagraphy contest! Comment and let me know if that would be something you would enter. I will only be able to do it if I have 3 or more entries.

Here are the rules
1 Take a picture of a something in or having to do with nature.
2. Spread the word on your blog.
3. It may be edited.
4. It has to be taken by YOU.
5. Deadline October 24 (The sooner the better!)

Let me know!