Monday, January 17, 2011

New contest.

hi I decided that I am going to do another contest Book Blogger gave me the idea! I am going to do a contest where you post a pic of you in a wedding dress or just a dress ( a wedding dress would be better)! it doesn't have to be your because I know that MOST of you are not married yet it could be your moms or anybody but if you don't have a wedding dress then you can just post a picture of yourself in your favorite dress! deadline January 28 2011.

1 post a picture of yourself on your blog
2. then comment on THIS post and tell me the blog you posted it on


  1. Do I have to be in the picture? Or can I just take a picture of the dress by itself?

  2. I guess that would be ok but I would rather you wear it!

  3. What if we don't HAVE a wedding dress?
    *To self* maybe my mom still has hers...IDK...
    K, aparently she does.

  4. Just take a pic with your head cut off!
    :D he he

  5. I tagged you on my post, this or that.

  6. Go to my blog:
    to see my entries.