Friday, November 19, 2010

Here are some pics of my dog Webster when he was a baby!


  1. Hi Lauren! I thought I would stop by! You have such a lovely blog! :) Thank you for following my blog and commenting {I responded to your comment in that post's comments by the way}. Your dog is too cute! :)



  2. Hey Lauren! Thanks for following my blog! This is Abby, btw (from FollowingGod) Your blog is really cute! (And so is your dog!) Haha, my dog used to be cute.... now he's just... a dog. Lol, nah he's still a little cute. (: But I love him to death. lol. Wow... my comment are almost as random as my blog posts! (That's pretty hard to do, too... takes a lot of skill) (;

  3. He is sooo CUTE!Can he come live at my house(JK!)?Sierra

  4. Your dog is soo cute! And those are really good pictures!
    I could never get my dog to sit still long enough to take a picture unless he's doing something or gets a treat!
    P.S. I love your new profile picture!