Wednesday, January 12, 2011

which would you prefer

Hi Everyone,
I was wondering if you would prefer that I did my hairstyles on video rather than just give you instruction? comment and tell me.


  1. I usually don't watch videos as much, but I think they would be helpful.

  2. Sure, if it's easier. videos might be easier to watch.

  3. Videos please. But I have heard you say how hard it is to do videos, so don't feel like you alwys have to do videos. =)
    Though I do prefer videos...

  4. Have you listened to any other of Owl City's songs? I posted Firefly and Vanilla Twilight on my blog,
    Or at my profile.
    I really like the songs and if you like Firefly, you should like the song Vanilla Twilight.

  5. Videos would be great! I love finding new ideas!