Thursday, December 2, 2010

one more thing

Hey girls,
I wanted to let you know that you CAN enter at the most three animals in the contest,so please when you send them in tell me which category your animal will be in, cute,pretty,or funny.You can send in just one if you want to though.

For you who have already sent in pic please e-mail me and tell me which category you would like to enter you pet in. Sorry I didn't mention that before!


  1. Could I post a a picture on my blog then give you the link?

  2. Here is my post! Enjoy-

  3. Could I post a picture on my Book Nook blog and give you a link too? I afraid I can't meet the deadline if I have to email it.

  4. Yes that would be great both of you!

  5. Actually, I'll post it on my animal blog.
    Here's the address:
    Or you can just go to my profile and click on the thing that says "Kingdom Animalia."

  6. I've posted it on my animal bog. Please go to the address in the comment above.