Saturday, June 4, 2011

I have an idea

i know what  your thinking "oh no Emily has another idea this can't be good" ;) But just hear me out! ;) I was thinking this might be a cool idea (well  I think it's cool please tell me if you think it's stupid...i can take it ;) Any who I was thinking i would choose one of my followers to be my "featured/interviewed follower" ( i would choose one once a week) So i would randomly choose someone and they would write a post about themselves. Do you think that's a good idea?


  1. Yeah! *Jumps up and down exitedly* Pick me! Pick me! Pick ME!

  2. Sure I would love to do it!Do you need my email?It's
    Thanks so much!Do you mind if I call you Lauren?It seems weird to call you Emily.
    Hope you don't mind :)

  3. That's so cool! I found your blog through a blog you commented on. Love it, I'm a bookworm too, check out my blog!