Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Tuck (I made the name up,can you tell)?

Here is a very very easy hairstyle even easier than the messy bun

what you will need


hair band

step one

collect your hair into a low ponytail

step two

take your ponytail and split it above the hair binder flip in.

Hairspray optional

that hairstyle took me seriously 20 seconds,granted when you do it it will probably look better the one I did was not a very good example,hey but you have to say it looks pretty good for having it done in 20 seconds!

This is just another version all you have to do is when you tuck it don't go all the way!

sorry this one didn't turn out so well, but trust me it usually looks better!

If you had a hard time understanding this through me a comment and I will try to make it more understandable.


  1. Wow! That seems like it would be easier then it looks! You have beautiful red hair! :)



  2. Great job! I *love* your hair by the way! Gorgeous! (:

  3. I used to do that ALL the time! :)

  4. I actually have one of the looping tools! it's where you do the pony, and then stick the tool in the ponytail where you tuck it, and you stick the hair that is hanging in it, and then pull it down, and there you have it!