Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Award Thingy :)

Hello lovely blogger friends!
So I was awarded the versatile blogger, but i have NO idea what to do with it :) How do you get the picture thingy on your blog? I know i'm not good with this stuff lol. So what do i have to do and how do i get the picture thingy on there?
thanks so much!


  1. Oh, here let me help you ;)
    Just copy and paste the picture of the award right onto the post you are making.
    Then, tell seven interesting things about yourself, and pass it on to other bloggers who inspire you!
    Any more questions? Just ask, I would be happy to help :)

  2. I did what Rebecca did, just copy and pasted the picture:) Then write seven random things about yourself then give it to other bloggers you like or that inspire you...then comment on their blogs to let them know they are awarded!