Friday, April 8, 2011


Hi every one. I am going to tag a couple people! Here they are!

Abby from:

Book blogger from:

Zach from:

These blogs are all AMAZING! check them out!

Here are the questions....

What is your favorite......
Name girl or boy
Thing to do

What is your least favorite
Name girl or boy
Thing to do

answer the questions in a comment below! Have fun!


  1. Haha, ok, here we go...

    What is your favorite......
    Season - Spring
    Name girl or boy - IDK. I know, lame.
    Thing to do - Wow. I have a lot. I'll say blogging. =)
    Number - Never really thought about it... maybe... 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 just because I can't say that number. xD
    Animal - Elephant (and a dog, but that's kinda boring)
    Food - Italian

    What is your least favorite
    Season - Winter?
    Name girl or boy - Bob. haha
    Thing to do - gosh, I dunno, :P
    Number - 7
    Animal - Blast-Ended Screwt. :P :P LOL, but if your talking about a real animal, maybe... cockroach. I know that's not an animal. But those things gross me out.
    food - mushrooms. blah.

  2. What is your favorite......
    Season? I don't know. I like Summer because there's no school and I go places, I like Spring 'cause everything is blooming, I like fall 'cause all the leaves are falling off the trees and I can step in them, and I like Winter because there's snow!

    Name? girl or boy. I have about a million favourite names! But some of them (for boys) are Erin and Eric. For girls I like Jill, Jackalyne, Jewel, Faith, Amy, Angela, and the list goes on!

    Thing to do? I don't know. Blog? Get together with friends? Read? Write?

    Number? I love ALL numbers! They're so cool!

    Animal? Blue Whale, Great White Shark, Dolphin, Orca, horses, and dogs. (I like all whales, but those are probably my favourite whales. Same with the shark)

    Food? TOMATO SOUP! or pizza.

    What is your least favorite...

    Season? See last answer. :)

    Name girl or boy? Don't have one.

    Thing to do? I don't know.

    Number? See previous answer.

    Animal? SPIDERS!!!

    food? I don't know. Tomatoes? (but yes, I do love tomato soup and ketchup. And pizza sauce.)