Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Themed Photo Contest!

Good morning!
I am going to do a Easter themed photo contest!
1. POST a picture of anything that is Easter themed.
2. Comment on THIS post and tell me the address of the blog you posted it on.
3. If you want you can edit a picture, it just has to be a picture you took.
4. the *deadline* is Wednesday the 20th. Sorry I am not giving you much time! I am going to be going somewhere for a trip soon and i won't be able to post.

The one who wins will have there blog premiered on my blog!


  1. Does it have to be a picture we took? Or can we take it off the internet?

  2. it has to be one that you took sorry! If we didn't it would be like whoever could *FIND* the best picture, rather than *TAKE* the best picture.

  3. hi there Emily! thanks for checking out my blog!.. and i love yours!!!! im gonna try to enter in your photo contest.. i love photography! i'll see if i can get some time to take some pictures!