Monday, November 21, 2011

The Hunger Games

So I finally got around to reading The Hunger Games. I'm not quite sure what i thought of it....When you think about it the plot is really lame. I mean they go into this game where they have to kill each other, sounds great right??? Until the ending I thought it was pretty good. The author was an amazing writer though! She painted such vivid pictures (not always the best thing). I'm really curious what you guys thought of it!! I have heard a lot of different opinions. Some of my friends LOVED it and others hated it. I really didn't like the wolf/human thing. Sick. It really ruined the whole book for me!  (you would only understand if you have already read it). Comment and let me know! Also I saw the movie trailer. That movie has the potential of being really good or really really bad! Does anybody know what the movie is rated? Has it come out yet? Are the next Books in the series any good???
Please comment!


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  2. I actually just finished reading the trilogy, I felt the same as you (about it being kinda dark and sad and somewhat graphic) but as something new that hasn't been done before I found it intriguing and I just HAD to know what happened and how everything turned out. I really like the author and how her characters are believable. I believe the movie will be rated PG-13, it comes out March 23 next year. and about the rest of the books in the series: it depends, I'm just going to let ya know, though, it doesn't get any happier or lighter. I'm super excited for the movie nonetheless though!!

  3. It's kind of dark, but I LOVED IT! I didn't like the rest of the books in the series much, though. Content wise, the rest of the books in the trilogy are much better (for violence, romance, etc).