Wednesday, October 20, 2010

pin craft

Here is the website where you can see the picture.

What you'll need:10 medium-large safety pins

One safety pin (without a coil)
100 pony beads in the following colors: 24 red, 12 yellow, 64 sky-blue
White towel for laying out beads
Grid included for flower pattern

How to make it:Lay beads out on towel.
String beads onto safety pins (see photo) as shown in the grid in this photo.
When all ten pins complete, place them on the coil-less safety pin in the order shown.

Tips:We added some green beads in one corner to simulate a flower stem.
You may choose to add a pretty ribbon that coordinates with the colors in the pin.
We found that picking up the beads with the pin point was easier than trying to place the beads onto the pin.

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