Friday, December 17, 2010

a new contest

I have dicided to do a contest about fashion! I know you didn't get much time,but I wanted to get started as soon as I can! I have decided to take iris's advice and do a fashion contest! all you have to do is send in a picture of you, in your favorite outfit,then send the picture to me at my e-mail. If you don't want to have your face in the picture for safty reasons thats fine. here is the e-mail you can send them to . I need to make it clear that you can only have ONE picture or it gets to confusing! the deadline is Tuesday the 21. I know it is short notice but I know that It will not be as likely for people to enter if it is to close to Christmas.
Thank you all for you suggestions, please enter!


  1. Ers, no can do. I don't like putting pictures of myself, and I'll miss the deadline anyway. :) Have fun with it though!

  2. oooohhh i will try that! i just bought this absolutley adorable outfit for Christmas Day at Kohls yesterday with my mom. I LOOVE it! I will try to get it in to you ASAP.looking forward to this!