Thursday, December 16, 2010


I know that you guys all said that you wanted another contest,but what should I do it on? animals again? comment and give me as many suggestions as you can,then we will take a vote the one with the most votes will be the winner! I know this is  like a contest in its self!


  1. 1. Dashin' Fashion (fashion contest)
    2. Winterize it (anything and everything that has to do with winter)
    3. Nailz tales (nail art)
    4. Awesome Photography (any photo taken by the person entering the photo)
    5. Creating creations (photo of anything you have made)

    Hope these help!

  2. Hmmm...
    Well you could do:
    1. I like the photo contest ideas, the winter one esspetaily.
    2. a drawing contest (I'd be good at that, check out my drawing on )
    3. Story contest: every one writes a short story. you could even have a sertain story that e have to add on to.

    Hmmm... I think that's it.
    Hope this helps...again.