Thursday, February 24, 2011


here are the winners for my nature contest
in 1st place is........

Abby from
Here is her AWSOME pic

in 2nd place is book blogger from

Thank you for entering!


  1. YAY! Haha, I'm so excited. =D Thanks for picking mine!

  2. you are QUITE welcome GREAT pic btw! :)

  3. Thank you for picking me! I love the picture of the leaf, by the way.
    How many entries did you get?

  4. Aw man! I REALLY wanted to enter, but I've been sick all week. :(
    To bad, I had some REALLY good pictures. :(

  5. Heyy Lauren! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm following yours now, I love your blog...soo cute! About the baby in my last post...he was my foster baby ((his parents were young and into bad stuff)) So I kept him for a few months and took care of him while his parents straightened up their lives. Anyways, CPS said it was okay for him to go back home to his parents the other day...I'm very sad but God is helping me!:)

    Cute nature pictures by the way...I love the leaf one!:)

  6. @ MARY: thank you so much for following! i will be praying for you! btw ADORABLE baby!
    @ scezzle: aaaawww i am sorry you didn't get a picture in! glad you are better though! :)
    @ book blogger: your welcome! i think i got 7 enteries.
    God bless you all!