Sunday, February 13, 2011

Loads of questions

Hello faithful bloggers!
I think i am gong to do a contest, do you want me too? And if you do what should I do it about? I want it to be something new and creative something people will want to participate in. Also I would like some suggestions that would make my blog more interesting. Like new thing I could write about that would make people want to read it. One more thing I was wondering if it was possible to make your signature so that you don't have to upload it every time you post? suggestions on how to make my blog better advice on the signature or a contest suggestion please let me know soon by leaving a comment.
sorry for all the questions!
thank you so much and God bless!


  1. How about a monthly contest? (a photography contest would be kinda nice) And definitely more hair styles.

  2. Hey Lauren! Here's a simple tutorial on how to get your signature on every old post, page, and every existing post and you don't have to upload it every time. Anyways, I really love the idea of photography contest, but I can't for the life of me come up with what kind of pictures! LOL. Sorry!