Monday, February 7, 2011

no name.

again sorry if my blog is not working well we are still working on it! So what should i do now? a contest should i go back to normal, with crafts and recipe? or should i do another photo contest or maybe you have other ideas. If you do please share them with me by leaving a comment!
God bless!


  1. I think you should go back to normal with maybe a monthly photo challenge or something like that... also, I think you should put more photos on your posts and make the posts longer. Hope I helped!

  2. Hey Lauren!

    For your question, I created them at this website here:

  3. Hello,
    I just though I'd let you know that I love your blog! It is so encouraging and inspiring.
    Love In Christ,
    P.S Here is my blog:

  4. I think you should do some more photo contest! Those are always fun, and I would enter some of them. =D


  5. Oh, and btw I do like your font, except for it's just a little hard to read when its the main font... maybe make the main font something a little less busy? But I really like the post titles with that font. (:

  6. Hi Lauren,

    In regards to your last comment, are you sure you got all of the code from the box of the orange icon? Hope this helps. :)

  7. Hi Lauren,

    In regards to your last comment, I'm not sure. I guess you can probably start it all over again. Sorry if this isn't much help. :/

  8. thanks all i did was on the post i hit edit hotmail and it worked (as you can see)! thanks!