Sunday, August 7, 2011

This may take a while.

Wedding dresses

My favorite part of this dress is the bottom I love the layered look!

LOVE the top

sorry I just had to add this. It was just way to cute!

Yup so was this one. I had a question. Does the guy come with the dress? Just wonderin ;)

I love almost everything about this dress! 

 Pretty much the same with this one!


Now fore bridesmaids

what can I say? It speaks for itself! That is SO what I'm doing for my bridesmaids!


Okay i think i would have to say this ones my favorite! Lovin' the cowboy boots! 

This one just makes me happy


Great now I can't decide I LOVE this one too!

It's hopeless i can't choose....

I love the parasols!


  1. Love it!Some of those are wayyyy to cute!I really love the boots thing...I'd do it if I weren't so short :P You know we really should check on that!That would be so easy.As long as I don't have to pay for him.My man is going to be very expensive cause he is so awesome :)
    Love you girly!
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (cause You Are!)

  2. Very pretty dresses! Not usually fan of no sleeves though, unless they have higher necks. But I fell in love with all of them (three in particular)!!!! Love the snowy one with the ladies and the shawls, love the sixth (people walking with flower behind their backs) from the bottom, and I love the fifth from the top!
    (hopefully I didn't count any of those wrong!)

    ♥Book blogger