Saturday, August 13, 2011

post titles are way overrated!


Okay i know what your thinking "what in her life is so important that she hasn't posted in such

a long time?!" well...I have to confess i haven't had much going on it's just well....Okay I was being

lazy and i didn't feel like posting. Hey don't judge me! I know there has to be SOMEONE out there

who was feeling lazy and didn't want to post. Yeah you know who you are! ;) lol. Now your gonna ask

what the purpose of this post is, well your right this post has no purpose. Just a way to satisfy my

readers. No i am so kidding! I'm being a little weird as you can tell. anyways I hope you all have an a amazing day!

wait I found a purpose for this post. I am gonna do "embarrassing Enjoyable"

Alright let's start out with embarrassing

1. pulling the saddle off of the horse in the proses of mounting...with people watching.

2. falling off your horse at a trot (the saddle fell off before me).

3. Forgetting someones name you have been hanging out with for 3 days in a row.

4. Rolling a barrels across your friends lawn and tripping over it


1.laying on your bed listening to Owl city

2.Riding with your friend

3. Singing in the rain


  1. Hey Emily, I know what you mean! I've been very lazy when it comes to posting too! Well, it's also because I don't know what to post about! :)

  2. Everyone is like that.And trying to find a post title? Oh yeah that is so tough sometimes :)
    Forgetting someones name.Yeah that is tough.I actually didn't know the one of my newer friend's name.The funnier thing was that my best friend who actually knew her better didn't know her name either.Owl City is awesome!So are beds.They're comfy :P
    Have a wonderful day and pat a horse for me :)
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)