Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Horses and Music (My favorite things!)

Hi everyone! So I have started my song writing career. As of yesterday.... :) I currently have three songs called Forever, Again, and I hear you. I am really into it and am trying to make up guitar for it! Very hard. Do any of you have any song writing tips? Have you ever written a song? Tell me about it. I would love to hear about them!

My mom sister and I went over to ride Chance and I saddled him up and started riding. He was acting really weird though. He was all hesitant and i practically had to drag him up to the arena. When I got out there it seemed like he was in pain but i couldn't quite tell. So i got off and brought him back down to his paddock. I found out later that his leg was warm and really swollen. So he is basically lame for the time being... The scary thing is the EXACT same thing happened to Dreamer when I started leasing her...The both went lame in March... So hopefully he will be better soon and I will keep you all updated!

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