Sunday, November 21, 2010

my newest project

My mom and I went to the store today and got a pattern and picked out some materiel to make a skirt with. I ended up with a patchwork kind of materiel with all different colors and patterns on it! Making a skirt is very fun and a productive thing to do when you are bored. I am not saying that it is not work, but it is more like... fun work (if there is such a thing)lol. on the pattern packet it says easy but we will see when we are all finished with it! I will try to get a picture of the finished product as soon as I can!


  1. Yes, please do post a picture {maybe you can wear it in my modest photo contest I'm doing! I'd like to invite you to participate, run over to my blog and check it out!} Sorry I haven't done your tag yet! I'm going to try to write and post it tomorrow...I have been so busy! :)



  2. Sounds fun! Wow, never made a skirt before! ttul

  3. That sounds like fun. :) I would love to make a skirt, but skirts don't like me.

    Thanks so much for the follow!