Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Featured follower" Ashley

Here is my "Featured Follower" Ashley! (sorry i couldn't get one of the pictures on but i did my best)

My name is Ashley..yeah don't share the last name online of course. I am 17 years-old and let's just say that I don't have enough room in one post to tell you all about me, my family, and stuff I enjoy, SO...I'll do my best!
I am the eldest of 5 children all of which have been homeschooled from the beginning. I look forward to graduating in the Spring of 2012! I can barely wait to have my party and just be done w school. I am sure you are wanting to ask what plans I have after highschool (college wise that is). Here's the deal: I have no desire to go to college because what I am interested in I do not need college nor do I have the desire to spend a fortune; although I am aware of scholarships. My dream since I was a little girl is to be a wife and mother and everything I think about and ideas I come up with revolve around that.
I am VERY outgoing and spunky, I tell people what they want to hear and will accommodate to anyone at anytime no matter how much I loathe them. ;-) I very rarely get worked up about things and sometimes my mind wanders and I get distracted. I am a daydreamer and NOT a multi-tasker....and you ask how I will make it as a mother...well I am counting on my easy/outgoingness and honestly my husband being super smart. LOL. I am a huge dreamer and sometimes forget about reality. I am girly-girl tomboy and everything else...well just about everything.

My dad, well let's just say he's amazing, he has worked so hard to go from working at a fast food w 3 kids to honestly taking really good care of us. He is unselfish and easy going though he has the capability of taking charge. Want to be let in on a little secret? My dad is 6' and purely muscle, he is bald and wear boots almost all the time and people (mainly young men) are terrified of him, but really he's just a big teddy bear but I let them think that. haha

 Mom: WOW!!! Yep that's it just WOW!!!

My Brothers:
Bubba (15), Nicki (14), Jonny (12) they are awesome and I can't ask for anything more. They are the coolest and have and will be my best friends forever. I love hangin out with them. I choose too, it's something that is important to me, they DO NOT embarrass me...well they might be disappointed to hear that so maybe a little bit.

Bubba is very quiet and easy going. He will do anything go anywhere. He's sweet and and chivalrous, and yet he's so strong and will stand up for what's right. He's a very conservative dresser and is always the same. He is a very competitive baseball player and definitely has a future in that.

 Nicki is very outgoing like me and has become quite the little "social butterfly". He's a charmer and all the girls are in love with him. He's smart beyond imagination and talented in everything he does. Him and I are the most alike. He is also the one that will be edgy with dressing and try new things

 Jonny is also talented in everything he does and a charmer. Every girl that has met him has planned their future with him...LOL. Seriously. He's a sweety and rarely unhappy. He's a ballplayer like Bubba and will always be a darling.

Laura: My little sister...well more like the perfect and beautiful little princess everyone wishes they were! She's sooo sweet and so cheerful all the time unless she's sick that it will drive a person in sane! JK. She so grown up and mature and it comes so naturally. I think she will be a supermodel or a dances because she is beautiful, tall, and very skinny. She's a sweety and sharing a bedroom with her I ought to know.

Now for a few things I enjoy:
1, definitely music, I play violin, piano, fiddle, guitar, and I sing.

  2, Arts and crafts, I hand embroider, sew, knit, cross stitch, scrapbook, make cards, and photography.

  3, I am a huge fashion and beauty make-up designer! I could do it for hours. I help girls I don't even know at the mall get ready for really special occasions. they completely trust my opinion. It's so much fun and I could do something like that for the rest of my life.

 4, I work/intern for a florist in town for my job.

 5, People!! I love people, short, tall, thin wide! They excite me and I love them all.

6, I love the country/cowboys and riding horses!!!! I am a huge Cowgirl

 Well okay then, I think that about sums it up for my family and I. Although it might wear you out come stop by my blog sometime and let me know what you think! or

Thank you so much sounds like you have a REALLY sweet family!

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