Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A cool story about a cool horse

Yesterday my neighbor invited my sister and I to go to Canterbury race track to pickup a horse that he bought. On the way there he told us the story about this horse. She is a 5 year old Thoroughbred (sorry I don't have a picture) Named Brook She used to race up until a couple months ago. She had an accident. This is what happened. She was in third place behind 2 other horses. Both of the horses tripped and fell right in front of Brook (BOTH of the horses died, one broke it's shoulder the other broke it's leg and had to be put down) She tried to jump over the fallen horses and almost made it, but one of the horses that had fallen kicked with it's leg and hit Brook on her back leg. She Finished the race in first even though she was injured. She had a huge gash on the back leg. They rushed her to the vet, but the vet accidentaly gave her the wrong medicine. She had some sort of reaction and they thought for sure she was goin got die, but she made it through and is still alive, but she just isn't the same horse anymore when she races, it might be a fear issue or just that the accident took a lot out of her, they don't know. So my nieghbor decided to buy her (he has a horse that races at Canterbury) So we went and pciked her up. Everybody loved brook. They all said she was the sweetest horse in the barn. Right now she is just getting used to her new home.
This is a picture of the shoes she wore (the ferrier took them off and gave one of them to my sister and one to me, they are aluminum and have lots of grip)

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