Saturday, July 30, 2011

A no name post filled with coolness!

HI people,
Sorry it's been forever since my last post. I have been very busy riding. My sister and I are going to show our horses in the County Fair, so we have been riding like mad. Anyways I'm not sure if you guys knew this but my mom is Expecting! I think she is half way through her pregnancy. I am SO EXCITED. I am the baby lover of the family (and my mom of course). I'm not sure if I will let my mom hold the baby ;) We already know the gender of the baby, but...we are not sharing (sorry guys, and don't you dare try to get it out of me ;). Today my mom and I went Yard Sailing and we found so REALLY cute stuff. We got like 15 little outfits plus a couple sleepers and pairs of socks for only 25$ AND it was is really good condition! I loved helping pick out those adorable little outfits ( finally I have someone to shop for, I just love shopping!) And if you have a little brother or sister you would know how expensive baby clothes can be! We are very thankful to have found all that stuff! I wish I could post pictures of the cute stuff we got today but that would give away the gender. :( but believe me when I say that they are adorable!


  1. How fun Emily. We are pretty excited for you all. I wish I could have been garage saling with you. :) (then i would know the gender) ;) Look forward to holding that little one next summer.

  2. Wow that has to be sooo exciting!You guys are going to do awesome!I hope you'll be able to post some pictures of it.A baby!I love babies!They are sooo cute! Congratulations!And kudos to you guys for getting all that awesome clothes deals.I'm thinking it's a girl...Course I always say that :P
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (cause You Are!)