Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hi People,
So do any of you have any book suggestions. I have been looking for some "good reads" lately. Any suggestions. I have just finished "The giver" by Lois lowry. I like those kinda books, weird and awesome. :) Also i have just started reading "Artemis Fowl" eoin colfer. I have heard it's good but so far i'm not sure if i Love it. Whats are some of your favorite books?


  1. Artemis Fowl is awesome. I've read the first one and The Opal 'Something'. Both great.

  2. Good books...lets see...

    White Star is a great book, about a dog on the Titanic.

    Waterfall is awesome if you like romance/historical fiction/fantasy-ish mish mashes.

    I read Island of the Blue Dolphins a few years ago and quite enjoyed it.

    Winnie the Horse Gentler is okay, but something about it sometimes bugs me. But that's just me, they're great, otherwise.

    Nancy Drew? Hardy Boys? Are you into mysteries? I was for quite a while a few years ago.

    And then you have your classics, like Laura Ingalls, Mr. Poppers Penguins, Swiss Family Robinsons, etc.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Hmmm, I feel like I've already mentioned this, but the Christy Miller series is a really good read. Another series called Girls to the Rescue is a fun, easy one too. It's about girls using their wits to save the day! Another book you may like is The Sisters Club. And I haven't read it, but I heard the Real Life series by Nancy Rue is great! Hope this helps! :)

  4. Have you read any of the "My Story" books they are great.