Tuesday, September 27, 2011

National Treasure 1

Amazing movie. Period.

Ben gates played by nicolas cage. I thought he did a great job on his part!

Diane Kruger as Abigale Chase. She was really good!

 Plus, she had an amazing dress!

And my Favorite Riley Poole played by Justin Bartha. He was just hilarious!

I had trouble not liking the main bad guy when he has hair like that. Common' admit it it's pretty awesome!


  1. I have never seen it. Looks good though!
    By the way, I LOVE your new header! It is SO lovely ;)

  2. I LOVE National Treasure!! I think it is one of my ALL time favorites!! :D :D Yea, Riley is hilarious! And Sean Bean did a GREAT job as the villian! Like you said,

    Amazing movie period!! :D

    And I LOVE your new design! It is so pretty! Great job!

  3. Great movie(s). I should really watch them again since it has been WAY long since last I saw them. Glad you enjoyed it, Emily.

    And, I hope you see it sometime Rebekah. Nicolas Cage (a great actor) + adventure = great filmmaking. =D

  4. OOOhhh! I love that movie!
    Beth xoxo