Thursday, September 22, 2011


Featured follower post by Rebecca From . Let me start by saying that you look absolutely radiant in that picture!

As you all know I am a 17 year old girl who lives in Georgia! I love my family, even though they are less than perfect (just like me!) My family, though rather small in some places and large in other, mainly consists of my dad, mom, sister Joanna, brother Jackson, Aunt Gigi, Uncle Shawn, and cousin Michael! Here is a picture of my sister and cousin. Sorry no good ones of the rest of the family...seeing how I don't have my computer back yet. :(

But still, aren't they cute!

I live on a farm with over twenty chickens, six goats, four rabbits, three ducks, three cats and a dog. The views around our house are amazing and I just LOVE waking up in the morning to beautiful blue skys and sweet country air!! :D

Also, on the more personal side, I LOVE history. Mainly WWII and the Revolutionary War! I read constantly--and my favorite books range from The Life of George Washington to The Hunger Games! :)

My heroes are, of course, Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, George Washington and on a lesser note John Paul Jones.

Churchill and Washington being two of my top favorites!

I love being a nerd, though I don't really like school, and I like to live my life slowly...stopping to smell the roses! :) Some of my favorite pass times include exercising, singing and of course writing!

I plan to be a writer living in Virginia (hopefully where I can drive to Mount Vernon!) and hopefully my very first book will be out sometime next fall! :)

Your ever happy and grateful blogger,



  1. Great post Rebecca!
    I couldn't seem to find the link to your blog. You do have a blog right? Or did I miss something? Just wondering!
    God bless you girl!

    {Rebekah Brielle}

  2. Thanks for awarding me the Feature Follower Award, Emily!! It has really made my day!:D

    Hi, Rebekah Brielle and Book Bloger! I'm glad you guys like my post! Oh and yes, I still have a blog. Here's the link!

    I hope you guys will drop by and pay me a visit! :D

    And once again thanks, Emily for making me a featured follower! :D