Monday, September 26, 2011

Narina quotes.

(On what interested him most about the character of Prince Caspian) Well I think, the reason I like the character is because he's sort of an everyman. It's sort of a coming of age story, really. It's from boy to man and prince to king, kind of story.- Ben Barnes quote

"We just enjoy everything so much. We just tried to relish each moment that we have together as a family and as individuals. The experience we`ve been given is, without question, the greatest experience of our life. It`s just appreciating those things."- quote by william Moseley

"It`s gone more quickly than I expected; the time has really flown past. It`s a bit like a long and lovely dream, and now I`m ready to wake up." (on the experience of filming the Chronicles of Narnia)- anna popplewell

I prefer my character over all the others. I really think I have the best character. Of course, he`s a lot like me. He is the tyrant of the family, which I am, and, yep, he succumbs to temptation very easily. Edmund is the black sheep of the family, always teasing Lucy. But, in the end, Narnia makes him good. He goes through the most radical change, starts to appreciate his family. The adventure really changes him into a better person.- quote by skandar keynes

“I guess the biggest challenge for me was trying to represent Eustace as he is in the book. Everyone has a vision of what he looks like. I messed that up before I stepped on set, because he has dark hair. I was just very nervous about that.”

They're almost like long lost friends, and there's no point in having long lost friends if you don't go into tea with them.
~ Georgie Henley Quote


  1. Great post! I really enjoyed it :) Cause' it was about Narnia! I can't wait for The Horse And His Boy that one is my favorite :) I think the last three quotes were my favs. And my favorite is Skandar's. He is just funny :) Sierra
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  2. Great random post!! Loved it :)...and I love Narnia too.

  3. I LOVE Narnia, and I love your post! It's awesome ;)

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