Monday, June 20, 2011

My every day life

As you can see me and my siblings had some fun the other day. Lets just say that one of us (MAYBE it was me ;) started it by taking a clump of mud and throwing it at the back of my sisters head. By the end we ALL looked like this, even Jacob was muddy, but he was the smart one and he didn't want to be in the picture looking like he did, plus we needed SOMEONE to take the picture! My parents thought it was funny too. We used the show them the picture AFTER your you get cleaned up trick) works every time ;)



  1. That looks like so much fun!!! XD
    It would be so much fun to hurl a mud bomb at some one right now. :P

  2. Hi Emily!

    I just discovered your blog, and think it is adorable! The title and header are seriously amazing...;) And so is this post! Love the mud..that looks like FUN, and I know it is, cuz I've done it before! :o) Isn't dirt amazing? ;)