Thursday, June 16, 2011


so today my sister and i started 4h barrel racing for the first time. So let me start from the beginning. My sister was going to ride Dreamer (the horse we lease) over to 4H (the stable is like a mile away from where we do 4H). So she started down the driveway and my family and i were in the car, we were going to drive behind her so that traffic wouldn't come by so fast. She crossed the rode no problem, until we got to the other side of the rode where she was going to cross to get into the field. Dreamer did NOT want to go through the grass so, naturally she reared (actually not so naturally it was really scary). My sis stayed on, and it was a full out rear ( you must understand that we were on the side of the rode with cars whizzing by and tall grass, so you can hardly blame her.) Anyways my sister was brave enough to try to bring her through the grass one more time. She made it through with a little trouble, the normal snorting, hopping etc. When she made it through my family and I (My sis is WAY more brave than me, when she reared i was so scared that i started crying, it was that bad) went around the field to the other side, in the car. she made it to the end where we were and my mom asked "how did it go"  my sister said "well....i fell off" my mom freaked out a little (it's only natural) and i freaked out A LOT! lol She wasn't hurt and she was hardly even scared (at least she didn't act that way, she is SO MUCH braver than me ;)  She was pretty bad for the rest of the night, I was riding her in 4H my sis just rode her over for me because i was too afraid xP Nobody died though so that's good! It was really stressful though. Dreamer is usually a really good horse, but she was scared and it was a new place with new people hopefully next week will go better!

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  1. Glad she's okay! I might've freaked out if I were riding that horse!