Friday, June 10, 2011

Featured follower (Sierra)

Here is her Post.

My name is Sierra and that is a pen name.I do try and be internet safe and everything :)
I am a total bookworm, I love to listen and sing to music though I can't really play anything.I tried Piano and Guitar they just weren't for me.I am writing a book about a bunch of Princes and Princesses who are sent to have their final training on an island.fantasy and a bit Middle Aged.No castle or mud streets tough.And no Robin Hood.I am also a huge animal person I just love animals!I like to take pictures but unfortunately don't really have a good camera.Just my DSI camera.I like fashion but I am not obsessed with it.My favorite fashion accessories would be Jeans and earrings.I am a big Purity girl and write in a journal that I will one day give to my future husband.I am saving my kiss for my wedding day and doing something between dating and courting.I love to blog and on this blog just do everyday life, faith, purity, pictures and random posts.On Sierra's Booklist I review books I read and on The Music Download I post music videos ever Saturday and try to do something between then as well.I also try to comment on some of the blogs I follow and if I don't get to you...that probably means I am super busy :) So basically I am normal teenage girl, homeschooled and the oldest of four and a total bookworm and waiting for Jesus to come back and hoping I am going to be able to have a family before that.But still be young.I know I am crazy :)

Thanks so much! you did EXACTLY what I was hoping it would turn out like!
God bless!


  1. Glad I did it right!Thanks again!Sierra

  2. Love this, Love Sierra!!! Awesome post<3