Thursday, June 30, 2011

Featured follower (Mary)

My name is Mary Susannah, but I often go by Sue-Sue, Susie Lou and Susan according to different people, but I much prefer plain ol' Mary. I live in a tiny town deep in the country where everybody knows your name, and while I really love it here...I do enjoy going to the city once and a while to go shopping at the mall, eating at fancy restaurants and going to concerts. I love to bake and cook just about anything. I also enjoy reading, writing, singing, taking pictures and blogging (of course). I'm not a big fan of sports...maybe because I'm kind of short and not very strong so I have never been good at them, but I do enjoy shooting hoops once in a while and I love to go bowling...(if you call that a sport) As for my blog, it is kind of like a diary of my life, where I can post bits and pieces of whats going on in my own little world. I try to keep things fun and interesting for everyone who visits my blog, as well as sharing my faith and love for Christ...without Him I don't know where I'd be in life. I strive everyday to be more like Him, and while I also fail daily...He is always there to lovingly pick me up and set me back on the right track. As you can see, I'm not much different from any other teenage girl. I often find myself longing for approval, beauty and love- but then I have that little reminder that I already am all that and much more in the sight of matter what earthly humans might say. I am my own unique person, nothing more, nothing less...and even better, I am God's.


And while the subject is me...I have been inspired along with a bunch of other bloggers to join Olivia's "People Are Imperfect Campaign For Bloggers Who Are Awesome" or "PAICFBWAA" It's where you muster up enough courage to add a not-so-great picture of yourself where you are totally and naturally make-up, editing or airbrushing...and while I don't wear make up...(other then shiny chap sticks/glosses, and I do curl my eyelashes and trim my eyebrows...but does that doesn't necessarily count as make-up.) But I do often tweak up my pictures before posting them on my blog and other in I boost up the color and lighting and do a bit of softening or sharpening here and there. At first I didn't think I would join "PAICFBWAA"...but why not? We were made in God's image...and I shouldn't be embarrassed to show what I really and truly look like...sooooo...

-here you are- Yours Truly...



  1. Awww...thanks for featuring me sweetie!:) <3 Love you!