Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hairstyle contest!

About the contest. Thank you SO much for entering! Sadly (and rather embarrassing) I only got 1 entry (book blogger). Don't worry I will still use your entry I am just going to change the deadline to....let me look at the how about June 30th that gives you a whole week. If you guys would be able to "Spread the Word" a little bit that would be great! Again thank you so much for entering!


  1. I think I ma going to enter.I wasn't going to because I can't put a picture of myself on my blog, but when Book Blogger did her American Girl's hair I realized I could use one of my dolls.Thanks Book Blogger!I'll try to enter and spread the word!Sierra♥

  2. Here is my post:


  3. It's been almost almost another month and you still haven't judged the contest. Is it off?