Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Featured Follower"

I just wanted to let you know that for some weird reason i can't post comments :P idk why but I just can't! So sorry about that. Anyways i just wanted to let yall' know that i chose a person to be my "featured follower" ...

 Sierra at her blog congrats (don't worry she is not the only one that's gonna win ;) Also if you don't want to do the contest just comment and let me know so i can choose somone else)

All you have to do is...
Write a summery of yourself (what you like to do, family etc)
Post it on YOUR blog

Then i will transfer (copy and paste) it to my blog ( I would do e-mail but my parents aren't comfortable with me e-mailing strangers, nothing against you!)

You have 3 days to write it (starting now I'm not gonna be that strict it's just a guide line)
Have fun!
Ps. I LOVE the changes blogger made! I think it's so cool!


  1. Your featured follower thing sounds fun! By the way...LOVE your new background!!<3

  2. I know right?It is sooo cool!O.K. I will hopefully get around to doing it today.If not I'll do it Saturday.Thanks!Sierra

  3. Here you go!